Erasing Southern History: The Bonfire of the Portraits

When traveling recently to Virginia Beach, I couldn't help but notice that I was no longer in Yankee land.  I was in an entirely different world, one still significantly defined by the Civil War.   I passed street after street named after famous southern generals -- General Jackson Drive, General Lee Drive, General Beauregard Drive, and General Hill Drive.  Though he was a "general" of a different sort, even General Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, has a boulevard named after him.  It was clear to me that Southerners revere their generals. And for good reason. The South's generals have long been a part of the proud history of the region.  Robert E. Lee's and Stonewall Jackson's military strategies are considered some of the most brilliant in the history of warfare, and this is to say nothing of their exemplary characters.  They are honored to this day for their bravery and brilliance.  That is why their...(Read Full Article)