Dynasties and Orthodoxies

When the A&E / Duck Dynasty brouhaha erupted a few days ago, this gay author's first response was: I don't view the Robertson men as "hot" sexually. That would never cross my mind, for a multitude of reasons. But I sure do find them to be smoking hot in a much more important way: their humanity. This very public conflict cannot be reduced to first amendment rights. It is about how we view and treat each other as human beings. Writing on his blog at The Dish, Andrew Sullivan had this to say about one of the Bible-based quotes from the clan's patriarch, Phil Robertson: This is a fascinating glimpse into the fundamentalist mind. You'll notice that, for the fundamentalist, all sin -- when it comes down to it -- starts with sex . . . . . . This emphasis is absolutely not orthodox Christianity. While this is true, Sullivan's statement inadvertently draws attention to two preeminent doctrines of LGBT orthodoxy: 1.) In the gay world, men are to be celebrated as sexual objects. Period....(Read Full Article)