Crush Phil Robertson, Crush Free Speech

Poor Phil Robertson, "Duck Dynasty" star. He had the temerity to express opinions to GQ about homosexuality that landed him crosswise the nation's gay jackboots. Out came the truncheons, whacking not just Phil over the head, but anyone, anywhere, who has anything to do with Phil, like A&E, which is the network that brings the wildly popular "Duck Dynasty" into millions of living rooms weekly. Bang, bang, go the gay jackboots' clubs. Then comes the mace, just to make sure offenders get the point: Don't dare speak your mind publicly in ways that question the gay militants' party line, even if what you say is consistent with your deeply-held religious beliefs; even if what you say in no way threatens any harm to homosexuals. Civil discourse? You have no contributions to make to the discussion (forget debate) about homosexual "rights," unless what you say ratifies and promotes said rights, i.e., marriage, child adoption, and whatever else. A cracker like you, Phil, needs to keep your...(Read Full Article)