Congressman Nadler Comes Clean

A 2-hour 'listen' and Q & A with Congressman Jerold Nadler, Dem., NY, Upper Left Side regular, occurred on the first day of winter 2013. The talk, one of two on the Iran nuclear issue, took place at the West 95th Street Ohav Tzedek synagogue, fondly referred to as OZ. Nadler would not discuss ObamaCare, uppermost in the minds of many in the country. We had been warned before he got up to speak not to bring it up, that he would be speaking only about the Iran sanctions removal and the nuclear 'deal' brokered by Secretary of State John Kerry and the Iranians. He was forthcoming to the extent he could be. Among other things, Nadler seems to be in favor of this rummy proposition, but many in the Upper West Side audience (about 100 or so, and SRO) caviled at the unlikely scenario of trust that cannot be guaranteed, and the flimsiness of the whole arrangement, based on the fact that the six-month deal has not yet even begun. So Iran can, and does, put 24/7 maximum pressure on her...(Read Full Article)