Comedy as a Weapon of the Left

How is it that leftist mockery of conservatives became a staple of popular culture? One of the major sources of the attitude that now pervades the dominant media of our time is a man named Herbert Lawrence Block, aka Herb Block, aka Herblock. As a political cartoonist, Herb Block used comedy and mockery with cunning skill.  Throughout his seventy-two year career, he helped influence the political landscape through thirteen presidential administrations. Born (not surprisingly) in Chicago, with a father and brother also involved in the newspaper business, Block projected his own brand of ideology for decades.  Sometimes he stood on the right side of history -- crafting imagery attacking American instigators like Father Coughlin and Huey Long, and later standing in favor of the Civil Rights movement.  Other times he was on the wrong side, supporting progressive policies and New Deal reforms.  And in his true oxymoronic style, even while he was attacking McCarthy,...(Read Full Article)