China Sea Crisis Deteriorates

President Obama's greatest failures have been in foreign policy, and those failures pose immense danger to our nation. He has destroyed relations with Israel, participated in an illegal and unauthorized war with Libya resulting in Gadhafi's fall and Libya's descent into near-anarchy, led the removal of Mubarak in Egypt leading to destroyed relations with that country, bobbled the Iranian and Syrian uprisings, made a fool of himself in not bombing Syria, allowed for Russia's resurgence in the Middle East, permitted Afghanistan to devolve into chaos, turned victory in Iraq into defeat, allowed North Korea to spit in his face, and made a hash of any effort to block Iran's nuclear program---among many other things. Cartoon by John Cox The most serious of the Community Organizer in chief's (COinC's) failures is his allowing China, (by taking advantage of his weakness, irresolution, and incoherence) to create a crisis that potentially could cause a multi-nation war in Asia.  This...(Read Full Article)