Charity by Force: Jesus vs. Marx

It is fascinating that the recent debate over poverty, starring Rush Limbaugh and Pope Francis (maybe, translations subject to disagreement) reveals one central dispute: (a) compulsory "charity" by government force, on the left, versus (b) the freedom of each individual to voluntarily donate to charity and make one's own decisions about his or her life, on the right.  Forget what either Rush or Francis said.  The raging debates that followed are most revealing. Liberals have consistently abused Christian teaching to attack free enterprise and spread socialism.  These are not just Catholics, of course.  In fact, most -- or all -- of them are not really Christians at all, but rather only leftists hoping to fool enough Christians to tip the balance politically. How can anyone give anything to the poor without earning money first?  Without capitalism, free enterprise, and markets, charity suffers.  Capitalism is the engine...(Read Full Article)