Cambodia Apes Vietnam in Its War on Religion

The axiom "monkey see, monkey do" comes to mind in a recent incident at the Buddhist Temple Wat Kanteyaram (Eastern United Temple Foundation of Jacksonville Inc.).  The Cambodian Buddhist community rallied in Jacksonville Florida on November 29 through December 1, 2013 to protest "The Great Supreme Patriarch," Tep Vong, who was to officiate at the Temple's sacred Seima Kam Buddhist sanctification ceremony.  The community was adamant that the sanctification would be desecrated by Tep Vong's presence, since he stands accused of a litany of human rights abuses that make him ineligible to preside over the ceremony.  Prime Minister Hun Sen had honored him with this ostentatious title as head monk in Cambodia as a reward for his loyalty to the communist kleptocracy there. The Jacksonville temple's Abbott, Yieng Meng Kry, who invited Tep Vong to officiate at the ceremony, is his adherent and received his appointment at Wat Kanteyaram by him.  The...(Read Full Article)