Biblical Abuse in the Bible Belt

Dr. Samuel Johnson famously proclaimed that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Here in the Bible Belt that refuge is all too often religion. As a recent immigrant to Arkansas, a truly beautiful place to live in the heart of America, I'm appalled to see one of my senators, Mark Pryor, attempting to hide his liberal support of Obama and the Democrat party behind his bible. It seems that Pryor is understudying another Arkansas scoundrel who when confronted with disgraceful and disgusting sexual misbehavior in the Oval Office, sought cover in staged imagery of him and his scheming spouse attending Christian religious services at the National Cathedral with well-worn bibles in hand. Whenever had Bill Clinton so publicly toted a bible prior to his exposure as a dirty old man? But hey, it worked; even though impeached by the House, he wasn't convicted by the Senate and removed from office. If a disgraced Democrat president caught taking sexual advantage of a young intern in the...(Read Full Article)