An Evil World Falls To Its Knees Once Again

We've all read the articles, seen the documentaries and heard the scholarly opinions on a litany of controversial Christmas subjects: Jesus wasn't born on December 25th; the shepherds weren't tending their flocks in the winter; the Wise Men didn't visit the manger; Christmas is a pagan holiday... the list goes on and on. While each subject holds its own intrigue, their debate should not hold the Christmas celebration hostage. Among these subjects are the naysayers who say that a cultural tradition like Santa Claus detracts from Christ's birth and disillusions our children. Certainly for poorer children, Santa may have represented nothing more than unfulfilled dreams. Growing up in a middle class family however, Santa Claus was a wonderful mystery to me: A great benevolent figure that could not be seen, but would sneak into our house with wonderful gifts. In one night, he could travel the world. The concept was thrilling and magical. The "magic" of Santa Claus didn't detract from...(Read Full Article)