Academic Subservience to the Palestinians

The disgraceful resolution of the American Studies Association (ASA) on December 15, 2013 honoring the call from "Palestinian civil society" to support the academic boycott of Israel has brought to the forefront a problem that ought to disturb all concerned with the educational system in the United States and elsewhere. Once upon a time one assumed that college faculty were paid to address and make statements on subjects on which they had some competence. The ASA has shown that this is no longer the case. With the enthusiasm of short-sighted detectives the members of ASA have obeyed the call of a Palestinian lobby group to pursue the academic boycott of a country of which they have little or no knowledge. Moreover, that pursuit has no real relevance to their supposed academic concerns of American Studies. Parents of the students attending the classes of the misguided 1252 of the eligible 3853 members who voted for the resolution might legitimately inquire about what goes on in the...(Read Full Article)