A Veteran Gets Criminal Treatment and Censored over Chickens

Leo Hendrick has earned the right to have his say about liberty.  An Army veteran of the war in Afghanistan, he served from 2003 to 2006, and was recalled in 2009.  Now he's back home trying to raise a family.  The forces against liberty are making it difficult for him. The City of Northwood, Iowa censored Mr. Hendrick in a trial with potential criminal implications -- over a dozen chickens. This past summer Leo decided to raise chickens on his property to help feed his family of four.  He believes in the health benefits of chemical-free food, and thought it important to teach his two children lessons of responsibility. Northwood is city in northern Iowa of about 2,000 residents.  It has an ordinance that prohibits livestock within the city limits "except by written consent of the council or except in compliance with the city's zoning regulations." Hendrick had asked the city council to change the ordinance, but received a cold reception.  By...(Read Full Article)