A Definitive History of Media Bias

In many respects, the current cultural crisis of the United States is rooted not in our political institutions, but in the epistemic organs of our larger civic body.  For America, basically four organs pump the life-giving civic blood of public discourse so that an "informed public" can make political decisions within our democratic republic.  Those four organs --  journalism, storytellers (Hollywood), academia, and the Church -- have shriveled or failed to such an extent that our politics suffers as the public is deprived of the healthy civic blood needed for democracy. These organs tell us the truth.  If they color it, twist it, spin it, or distort it, the citizens and the republic are all the lesser for it.  This principle makes the work of Professor Jim Kuyper so compelling and timely.  As a communication professor at Virginia Tech, Kuypers has the academic standing and expertise to clinically diagnose the current problem...(Read Full Article)