2013 Christmas Quiz

This year's challenging quiz is designed for the entire family. Split everyone into two teams, the bigger the better. No fair using computers, iPhones, tablets, or any other digital devices. Hopefully these mental gymnastics will evoke some wonderful memories, lively discussions, peals of laughter and a short respite from the icy winds of change sweeping our country.  "May the Force be with you!" 1.     Letter Lottery - (4 points for each correct answer)    (Example:  KFC = Kentucky Fried Chicken) a.      GELND b.     TABPSSLCPOOASSB  (hint: the first "S" is for special) c.      FSASYAOFBFOTCANNCILADTTPTAMACE d.     IPATTFOTUSOAATTRFWISONUGIWLAJFA e.      TTNBCAATTHNACWSNEAM 2.     Name the author (2 points) and decade (3 points) when this work was first published. ...(Read Full Article)