William Nordhaus and Climate Delusions

William Nordhaus is a prominent professor of economics at Yale University. He writes extensively on climate change and its supposed economic consequences. His point of view is that of an economist who accepts official global warming theory. Nordhaus is not obviously a crackpot and that makes him unusual among promoters of global warming. Most promoters of global warming present with signs of fanaticism. For example, the scientist James Hansen, known as the father of the global warming movement, is often arrested at protests. Hansen wants to put the heads of fossil fuel companies in jail for crimes against humanity. Naomi Oreskes, a University of California professor, sees doubters of global warming as mentally disturbed right-wing fanatics. Bill McKibben, head of the organization 350.org, thinks that the business plan of the oil companies is to wreck the Earth and that fighting global warming is the most important job that any humans have ever been entrusted with. Major environmental...(Read Full Article)