White, Black, and Gold: The Future of Catholicism

British-Canadian author Michael Coren's book Why Catholics Are Right (Feb. 2012) had a white cover.  Heresy (Apr. 2012) had a black one.  Now, The Future of Catholicism -- arguably the third installment in a trilogy -- is gold.  Reading Coren's latest, one will find some meaning in the color progression. The Future of Catholicism is no crystal ball (that would be sinful), but rather a reasoned evaluation of where the Church is going based on where she is and where she's been. "What Catholics need to do and have to do," Coren proposes from the outset in Future, "is to explain where the Church is rooted in permanent truth and why it cannot change, and also -- and just as boldly -- where the Church is indeed in need of reform, why this is the case, and how it can be achieved" (1). From there, Coren delves into apologetics and history, often to the point of getting mired in them.  It's understandable -- a book explaining how the future Church...(Read Full Article)