Virginia to Washington, D.C.: Take this county, please!

According the Emerson College Polling Society: [Terry] McAuliffe's strongest area of support are in the north within Congressional district 8(75%-13%), district 11 (58%-32) and district 10 (52%-37%). Cuccinelli is winning all the other districts with his strongest support in district 7 at (49%to 27%) That incredible 6-to-1 edge in the Eighth District is why McAuliffe leads every statewide poll in Virginia's gubernatorial contest yet still falls well short of actual majority support.  It is a particularly striking edge, because the district is largely white and affluent rather than poor and minority.  What makes it unusual is that a vast number of voters there work or the federal government, work for those who provide services to the federal government, or work for those who try to curry favor with the federal government.  The Eighth District consists of the independent city of Alexandria, Arlington County, and parts of Fairfax County.  As can...(Read Full Article)