Violence Comes to Temple

Wait just a minute, Temple University. Don't go getting all huffy just because a black guy beat and robbed an 81-year old white professor. This robbery happened on Tuesday, October 29. A person whose grainy visage is now known to millions of residents in the Philadelphia area walked past a secure guard station, entered the professor's office, punched him in the face, held a knife to his throat, robbed him, punched him again, then calmly walked away, leaving the professor a bloody mess. He lived. By Thursday, police identified their suspect as a convict with a long record of violence and mayhem. This crime put the Temple campus in a tizzy, part of it anyway, because violence is something most expect in the nearby neighborhoods, but not in the middle of this heavily-guarded urban university in the heart of Philadelphia. Clearly, the folks running this part of the campus -- the ones creating such a stir about this recent robbery -- have no idea what is happening in the other part:...(Read Full Article)