U.S. Jews must say No to Obama

As the Iranians continuing installing hundreds of advanced new centrifuges every month, the Obama administration has been pressuring U.S. Jewish organizations to stop lobbying in support of legislation to tighten the economic sanctions against Iran, turn their back on Israeli concerns, and side with President Obama's wishful thinking of a possible diplomatic solution with Iran. It is quite disturbing for the president to ask any U.S. organization to turn against a democratic ally for the sake of appeasing and accommodating a dictatorship and longtime enemy. But it is morally disgraceful to pressure Jews to turn their backs on the Jewish state when Israel will be on the front line of possible nuclear annihilation by an enemy which has publicly stated its sinister intentions. It is quite unscrupulous to ask Jews who live with the legacy of the Holocaust to act as accomplices to the culmination of the Iranian nuclear weapon program by agreeing to give more time for...(Read Full Article)