There Will Be War

What was going through the President's head when he eased up on sanctions on Iran?  The only reason Iran was willing to talk was because Iran was breaking.  He should have held his ground. Anyone who saw Netanyahu the other day decrying Obama's rapprochement with Iran saw an Israeli leader who was fueled by rage, bordering on a breakdown.  One thing is clear: Netanyahu will not let Iran get nukes.  In the past, it has been made clear that Israel will take down the Mideast with her rather than go quietly to defeat. It was only when the then Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir, appealed directly to President Nixon and also threatened to use the atomic bomb that Israel was given the needed tanks, guns and ammunition to turn certain defeat into victory.  - Dr. Gerhard Falk Nixon started to move fast after the consequences of delay were made clear to him.  Israel was preparing to go nuclear. Israel will go it alone again if...(Read Full Article)