The Truth Behind China Ending One-Child Policy

China just announced that after 34 years of restricting population growth through its one-child policy, the nation will now allow families to have two children if one of the parents is an only child. The policy "initially produced a population pyramid optimal to economic growth -- that is, where the largest segments of the population were neither young nor old, but in the middle (i.e. working age)." Although there were a number of exemptions to the one-child policy, Chinese population growth was cut by 200 million as the birthrate dropped from 4.77 children per female in the 1970s to just 1.58 in 2012. But the strategy also resulted in massive female infanticide and now a ticking time bomb from millions of unwedded young men threatens to ignite revolutionary violence. According to Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute in Washington, D.C., "Twenty-five million men in China currently can't find brides because there is a shortage of women." For the young in...(Read Full Article)