The True Face of Collectivism

Most politicians are crafty. They hide the mailed fist of political power in a velvet glove of caring and compassion, and they conjure up an appealing picture of competence to hide the reality of blundering ineptitude. But not Barack Obama. He believes his own propaganda; he's even said so. He thinks that politics is exhausted by the cunning tricks of the community organizer, that all you need to do is find a festering sore, and pick at it. Even Frantz Fanon, author of the anti-colonialist screed The Wretched of the Earth, understands that sore scratching and the messianic moment will only get you so far. But Fanon is always looking for the magic political fix that will redeem the post-colonialist state from its murderous self-harming. Politics always means gathering up a band of warriors and fighting for power. You sweep away the injustices of the old regime, and then -- ten to one -- your fundamental transformation makes the losers pay. That, we learn, from Obamacare guru Jonathan...(Read Full Article)