The People of the Lie

We all know why kids lie. It's a weaselly effort to escape punishment. We also know why businessmen start to lie. We saw that in the crash of 2000 when the masters of the universe at the Enrons and the WorldComs tried to hide the shame of their losses for one more quarter or one more day. Politics is different, of course, because politicians lie all the time. You'll recall when President Nixon was caught in a lie, and three senior Republican senators drove down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House and told the president he had to resign. And you remember when President Clinton was caught in a lie and Vice-President Gore held a pep rally for the president. There's some lesson to be learned from those lies, if you think about it. We also know why little kids want to change the rules of the game. They do it when they are losing. So we know what Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) was doing by eliminating the filibuster on most administration nominations. Not that anyone could call Sen. Reid a...(Read Full Article)