The Looming Democrat Disaster

The second presidential midterm has historically been a disaster for the political party whose man is in the White House.  In 2006, Republicans lost both houses of Congress as Bush fatigue not only led voters to vote against Republicans, but also led many Republicans to stay home.  Although there have been a few anomalies -- like 1998, when the Senate Republicans' cravenness in Clinton's impeachment trial opened the door for modest Democrat gains; in 1986; in 1974; in 1966; in 1958; and in 1942 (a third midterm, but in a four-term presidency) -- the party in power generally suffers dramatic losses. Democrats are beginning to realize that there simply is no sleight of hand that will shift the attention of energized Republicans or raise the spirits of disheartened Democrats in 2014.  That would suggest that in House races, which happen every year, and in state government races, which are generally set to coincide with midterm elections rather than...(Read Full Article)