The Immovable Christie vs. the Unstoppable Hillary

Whenever you have a media that is concerned more with indoctrination than with information, it falls to us humble truth-seekers to find the hidden truths for ourselves.  Such is the case with this new revelation that Obama's people had actually considered replacing Biden with Hillary on the ticket, right before the 2012 election. On the surface, this reads like scintillating political subterfuge.  We are all supposed to gasp in shock and awe and wonder what might have been. In reality, it pokes a giant hole in the sharknado of conventional wisdom on Hillary's presidential inevitability. Let's take careful stock of what actually happened here.  According to the story, when Obama's people started getting cold feet about the election, they began focus-grouping and polling on what the public reaction would be if Hillary replaced Joe Biden on the ticket. The result?  The polling showed that there would be no real added benefit to Obama's election chances with...(Read Full Article)