The Ignorant Advocates of the Boycott of Israel

Brooklyn, New York, was once famous for its Dodgers. Now it is infamous for the Political Science Department of Brooklyn College that has sponsored or cosponsored symposiums, in February 2013 and in November 2013, confined to speakers who support boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) against the State of Israel. The PS Department has lent its support, even if not formal approval, to this travesty of academic freedom where only a one-sided, particularly boorish argument is presented. At one such Brooklyn gathering in February 2013, the event, in which 22 organizations joined the PS Department in sponsorship, was essentially two lectures advocating the importance of BDS to help end what it insisted was Israeli apartheid and the illegal occupation of Palestine. The organizing group was Students for Justice in Palestine, part of the mission of which is a demand for the delegitimization and elimination of the State of Israel. This relentless group and its naïve supporters readily took...(Read Full Article)