The Emperor of the Oil Patch

On energy policy, Obama continues to be the emperor who wears no clothes.  His fantasies of large-scale green energy projects and millions of electric vehicles on the road just aren't materializing.  In this respect, the president is like the do-nothing emperor of the Hans Christian Andersen tale, strutting his stuff with his nose high in the air, proud of his magical garments, but naked as the day he was born. In Obama's case, the magical garb is all the nonsense about sustainable energy and green jobs he is touting, even as energy is more expensive than it should be and real jobs are scarce.  Everyone in America except Obama now admits that the Energy Department's loans to crack-ups like Solyndra were a disaster.  Solyndra was failing even before Obama visited its California facility in 2010 and declared the company the future of American energy.  Most Americans are now starting to realize that even with massive subsidies and fuel...(Read Full Article)