String 'Em Up by Their Ponytails

In a recent O'Reilly "Mad as Hell" segment, a student-viewer expressed his anger at being unable to voice his conservative views in the college classroom without fear of reprisal from his liberal professors. Think about that for a moment.  We send our youth to college so that they can lead more productive and lucrative lives, to become contributing citizens who help weave more strength into the fabric of this nation.  In that context, every stout thread has value, whether it warps left or right. And the key word in that sentence is "value," and even more particularly, "future value." Now consider that in many personal injury lawsuits, a key factor in establishing damages against a defendant is the degree to which his actions have limited the future earnings of the plaintiff.  By that measure, very large amounts can be calculated that juries must weigh in the process of redressing the wrong.  This is one reason why so many medical...(Read Full Article)