Rent Seeking and Other Blood Sports

The fact that incompetence has a second act in the Oval Office is more a function of inertia on the Right than any achievement on the Left.  Indeed, the Democrats didn't win the last presidential race, the Republicans lost it. And liberals didn't win the budget or health care fights either, the conservatives lost those too. Mitt Romney never managed to separate himself from the president, especially on domestic issues like debt and health care. On foreign policy, the candidates were indistinguishable. The "what's the difference?" vote stayed home.  As a result, Jeremiah Wright's protégé is still at the wheel. Obama was probably a bad bet to begin with, but America loves an underdog, especially a chap who talks like a victim and looks like reparations.  All original misgivings about immaturity, lack of experience, and pernicious ideology were validated by first term fits, false starts, and neo-socialist demagoguery. The Democrats even lost control of the House and the...(Read Full Article)