Public Sector Unions are a Shadow Political Party

In recent months Washington has been rocked by scandals such the IRS's manipulation of tax exempt status for political groups opposing the Democratic Party.  This is just the most recent example of how federal public sector unions have been clandestinely involved in public policy.  Looking back, it can be seen that the involvement of Federal public unions in the American political system began in January, 1962 when President Kennedy established collective bargaining powers for Federal workers, by Executive Order 10988,.   There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that establishes or condones the use of collective bargaining by federal workers.  The Founding Fathers did not want a separate elite political class to seize political control of the country, yet that is exactly what has happened since the establishment of public sector unions.    How public sector unions obtained this power is a little-discussed phenomenon, since the media are largely...(Read Full Article)