Our National Debate: What's Truly Important

The right and the left in this country have long debated what the role of government should be.  With the troubled rollout of ObamaCare, the latest discussion naturally centers on health care, but as the seasons change, so changes the debate.  What should be government's role in education?  Employment?  Energy?  Transportation?  Manufacturing?  Commerce?  What should government do more of?  What less of?  From where will come the next czar? The answer is: it doesn't matter. For there is a much more important fight to which comparatively few are paying attention, the answer to which renders all other questions moot.  That fight is for the rule of law. That may strike some as an odd assertion in a nation drowning in laws and regulation.  Indeed, the government churns out law left and right - pun fully intended.  From Obamacare (the most massive U.S....(Read Full Article)