Our Kids: Victims of the Rough Grasp of the State

Wake up, Mom and Dad: your government has its paws all over your children during school hours -- always figuratively, and too often literally.  If parents are taken out of the education equation completely, something will fill the vacuum.  And that something is bound to be the police state. When kids in Brazil, Indiana participated in a mock drug raid at Clay County Courthouse as part of the annual October Red Ribbon Awareness week, they got a lesson in what it's like to live in a police state.  The "drug awareness skit" involved the use of a drug dog and a small amount of an illegal substance planted on one of the students.  Supervising the demonstration were Superior Court Judge J. Blaine Akers, Police Chief Clint McQueen, and Officers Ray Walters and Robert Van Buren. In one of the scenarios, a group of fifth-graders were told to lie face-down and stay still for the "police bust."  A...(Read Full Article)