ObamaCare's Looming Land Mine

Those who wrote the PPACA legislation were much more brilliant than most conservatives have given them credit for.  They have hidden a landmine in the way it all works that will ensure an eventual takeover of the entire health care industry by the government. Let me first clarify my professional interest.  I have been a vendor of software and services to both insurance companies and providers, and therefore have a deep understanding of the health care industry and what the ACA will do to it.  I do not work for any insurance companies or medical providers, nor do I own stock in any such entities, so my views here are those of a concerned citizen who, because I see the industry up close and personal on a daily basis, know what the ACA will do to us all.  And therefore, I am concerned. We've all heard the "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" statements -- statements that now are being admitted to even by the administration as...(Read Full Article)