ObamaCare's Chicago Moment

Bowing to pressure from his own party, President Obama caved on Obamacare, extending by fiat the cancelled health insurance policies that have his fellow Democrats facing next year's elections with dread. Even California Senator Barbara Boxer, who has been a cheerleader for ObamaCare and has such a safe seat that most people here think she arrived in the Senate with George Washington, was seeking an extension.  Boxer is not even up for reelection until 2016.  But if Obama learned anything while being a community organizer in Chicago and picketing banks to implement the community reinvestment act that was the linchpin for the financial disaster of 2008, it was that the public might not understand all the complex nuances of politics; they do understand when political screw ups touch their everyday existence.  One of the most iconic images of the decline of the Chicago Democratic machine (or organization as the insiders like to call it) is Mayor Michael Bilandic...(Read Full Article)