ObamaCare on Schedule to Ruin Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving approaching, Americans reflect on what they can be thankful for.  Looking at the ObamaCare fiasco, it's evident that Americans can be thankful that one senator in particular, Mike Lee (R-Utah), has continued to propose plans to stop this train wreck.  ObamaCare was supposed to insure everyone in this country but instead has caused five million Americans to lose their insurance so far.  American Thinker interviewed Senator Lee and other Americans who have little to be thankful for since receiving a drastic wake-up call regarding their health insurance. Senator Lee was one of the first to warn that ObamaCare had to be repealed, not reformed, because of its complexity and the way the bill was written.  He points to the number of people who have lost their jobs, had their hours slashed, and lost access to health care because of this flawed law.  He is not in favor of suspending or delaying the individual mandate because...(Read Full Article)