Obama vs. Liberalism

The conservative attitude toward Obama has largely been a mirror image of that of the left. To liberals, Obama is the ideal vision of Liberal Man -- the Lightbringer, the new FDR in a darker shade,who will right all wrongs, set the U.S. firmly on a progressive path, and give out lots of free stuff (from "Obama's stash," as one admirer put it.) Conservatives see the exact opposite: a demonic figure, the community organizer from Hell, a combination of Caligula, Lenin, Mao, and Blofeld, a Muslim-communist- progressive Antichrist with a perfect and implacable plan to destroy the U.S. and the Western world as a whole.   Events of the past few months have belied both the liberal and conservative visions. If Obama is the Antichrist, he's a kind of goofy, inept, comical Antichrist at best. And as for the Lightbringer, events speak for themselves. Plainly, Obama is worst enemy liberalism has ever had.   Take a look at his record. Any aspect of his record, from any angle excepting...(Read Full Article)