Obama and His Village

Obama, the prevaricator and ideologue clearly has no shame when it comes to lying. But the ObamaCare "Got Insurance: Let's Get Physical" ads that are now being targeted to the millennial generation hit a new record for sordidness. I have heard that it takes a village to raise a generation. If society is supposed to protect its young, we are failing big time. When Sarah Palin spoke about being a grizzly mama bear, many Americans responded positively because the first instinct when a child is being attacked is to fiercely defend the young no matter what cost, no matter what the struggle. Wake up mama and papa bears. Families across the nation are being targeted by the Obama administration. The marriage penalty in ObamaCare makes no sense except to destroy the sanctity of marriage. How does taxing married people help health care? Now the young are being kidnapped by Mr. Cool Prez as he mesmerizes them with hip and cool slogans. In reality, the ObamaCare advertisements reflect yet...(Read Full Article)