Mr. Cruz Goes to Washington

From what I recall of my childhood, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s civil rights movement was not universally embraced in the black community.  Some blacks were frightened by his actions and angry at the "crazy" colored man for stirring up trouble.  "He is making things worse for Negros!" But MLK became an American icon. In 1977, world-renowned architect Phillip Johnson was approached by Rev. Robert Schuller with his "crazy" impossible dream.  "So, you want to build a glass cathedral in earthquake country without obstructed views to the front, and you have no money?"  Rev. Schuller replied, "Yes."  The Crystal Cathedral is now the largest glass building in the world. Considering that slavery was the norm, founding father Thomas Jefferson calling slavery a "moral depravity" and the greatest threat to the survival of our new nation was a "crazy" thing to say. Talk about history repeating itself: attempts were made to seduce...(Read Full Article)