Liberals Getting the Politics Wrong

The troubles of ObamaCare serves all those liberals right. But you can still feel for CNN's kid now in medical school who voted with enthusiasm for Obama and now wonders what went wrong. But if the kid still thinks that the Affordable Care Act is a "great... accomplishment" and that "partisan obstructionism has upended too many efforts to push our nation forward" then it is clear that his education has done nothing except amplify liberal talking points. I thought that the whole point of a college education was to create "large-minded" people who could take their place as administrative experts in the great machine of liberal government. I am not arguing that young liberals should get a conversion to conservatism in college. I am just arguing that, in the political interests of the liberal ruling class, its bright young sprigs should get a tour in political intelligence school and learn how the hated right-wing extremists actually think. Charles Krauthammer, in conversation with Hugh...(Read Full Article)