It's Time to End ENDA

It's no secret that the true purpose of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is to "help bring marriage equality closer." ENDA would elevate sexual orientation to a protected status under workplace nondiscrimination laws. Indeed, laws have already been used to achieve legal recognition for homosexual unions in several states, even when supposed safeguards are included in the legislation. Gay rights advocates are quite open in declaring the passing of ENDA as an important incremental step in achieving a redefinition of marriage. Further, they argue that small changes will bring about greater public acceptance as a gradual adjustment period will make same-sex "marriage" more acceptable. In short, ENDA is a major milestone along the road toward the ultimate goal of legalizing same-sex "marriage." Worse, as the Heritage Foundation's Ryan T. Anderson points out, it threatens fundamental civil liberties. ENDA -- a bill that would prohibit discrimination against employees on...(Read Full Article)