Is America no longer a Democracy?

As an immigrant, I come from where America is heading. I have seen, lived, and fled from a country where a small group can drag the large majority where they do not want to go. I have seen how a small group of ideologues succeeded in creating fear in the hearts of the majority, forcing them to self-censure and not defend their rights, to cease speaking of the facts or telling the truth. I have seen how they shamelessly attack and destroy good people by false accusations and lies, without any consequences or punishments, because the people are uninformed and or intimidated to use their right of freedom of speech. The Democrats in United States are doing exactly what the Iranian left -- supported by the Soviet KGB -- did during the 1960s and 1970s. They were determined to kick America out of Iran and take Iran back; by using constant attacks, foul accusations, and lies against America and the Shah. I have envied the American patriotism that has now been labeled as outdated and...(Read Full Article)