How Generous Can Justice Afford To Be?

How is justice achieved? What path should Christians follow in a world of seemingly endless needs? How do we best serve God in relation to the poor? Generous Justice by Tim Keller tries to provide a theological and philosophical framework which will allow the reader to answer those questions. However, his treatment of the issues is, at best, uneven, and might draw the undiscerning reader unwittingly towards leftist ideology. He sees himself above the divide that has the liberal-left against the religious right. He believes there is a correct "balance" between these two. Biblical economics, he believes, defines the correct concepts and principles for enacting this balance. But it is at the very point where he tries to define Biblical economics that he seems weakest. For example, he compares money to manna. Yet, he really does not develop that idea in a meaningful way. Neither the right nor the left see money that way. Manna is miraculous because it would be as if actual, edible,...(Read Full Article)