Hillary Clinton's Achilles Heel

On the night of July 17, 1996, President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary attended a gala for the Women's Leadership Forum of the Democratic National Committee at the Sheraton Washington Hotel. We know this from the 11,000 pages of Hillary's schedule as first lady that the National Archives released in 2008. At 8:35 that evening, after working the rope line, the Clintons left the Sheraton by presidential motorcade and headed back to the White House where they arrived at 8:45. A 8:31 that same evening, two FAA veterans at the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center observed a target arching and intersecting with the Paris-bound TWA Flight 800 as the 747 headed east off Long Island's south shore. The controllers reported what they saw immediately. A manager from that center rushed the radar data to the FAA technical center in Atlantic City for further analysis. In Atlantic City a playback of the data was recorded on videotape and plotted on to paper. From there, it was faxed...(Read Full Article)