High Deductibles Chase the Middle Class from Health Services

In a recent conversation, a good buddy enraged by his new private insurance premiums and $5,800-per-year deductible said something that struck me as undoubtedly prophetic. "I'd literally need to be dying before I would start paying this ridiculous deductible for routine care." Under ObamaCare, those who work for a living incur massive premium and deductible increases to subsidize those that cannot or will not provide their own insurance.  In the universe of ObamaCare, unless you are among the privileged dependency class that enjoys free health care, gone are the days when cautionary calls can be made to the doctor because a child has a stomachache or bad cough, because such calls will cost you five hundred bucks or so. As with so many utopian policies of the progressive Left, ObamaCare is rife with unintended consequences that inflict pernicious pain and damage on society. When Ideology Trumps All In December of 2009, Mark Steyn adroitly warned, "Democrat...(Read Full Article)