Health Insurance and Care: An American Strategy

Americans are generous -- period.  That is the key to resolving the problems of health insurance and care. First up is the nonexistence of insurance coverage for millions of Americans -- the uninsured.  Presented with the reality or threat of suffering, and given the chance to respond, Americans give their time, treasure, and talent. Kirsten Powers is a columnist and political pundit who, upon learning her insurance premiums would double as a consequence of the Affordable Care Act, indicated that although it was inconvenient, she doesn't mind if it means the uninsured are covered.  Let's take Ms. Powers at her word and reasonably assume that there are millions of Americans who hold similar views -- after all, we have been told ad nauseam that Americans are happy to pay higher taxes.  With this in mind, rather than subjecting Ms. Powers to a 100% increase in premiums, why not give her, and millions like her, the option to match up with and...(Read Full Article)