Greens on the Rampage in Poland

A recent video clip shown on the BBC demonstrated the fundamental foolishness and ignorance of the so-called environmental movement. Green activists unfurled a large banner on the side of a building in Warsaw asking "Who rules Poland: the coal industry or the people?" The false assumption is that there is a conflict between the coal industry and "the people" when in fact the only purpose the coal industry has is to provide the energy the people need to live comfortable and productive lives in an advanced European society. Poland is the world's eighth largest consumer of coal, just behind Germany and South Korea. Poland cannot abandon coal without collapsing its economy. It is investing heavily in clean coal technology, but this effort is dismissed by the Greens, who want nothing less than the abolition of coal as an energy source despite its abundance and low cost. The World Coal Association is holding a conference in Poland to explain its position. Tasneem Essop of the World...(Read Full Article)