Government Computer Failures are Normal

How could the U.S. Government make such a mess of the roll-out of the website for ObamaCare?  Actually, government computer systems incompetence is normal.  The reaction to presupposes that our government normally does these things well.  ObamaCare is high profile and under the microscope.  The filibuster and shutdown confrontation brought intense attention to the roll-out on October 1.  But the U.S. Government routinely bungles computer projects large and small and wastes money.  Why didn't the Federal government learn anything from past fiascoes?  How could President Obama imagine that the Federal Government could hijack and control one-sixth of the nation's economy when it repeatedly botched previous, less-ambitious projects?  ObamaCare is vastly more complicated in design than the socialized medicine prevalent in European countries. The Internal Revenue Service made an even worse disaster out of its $8 billion...(Read Full Article)