ObamaCare may prove to be the salvation of free market health care. The curious history of U.S. healthcare has gradually created an entrenched system where everyone but the patient vies to dictate choice of medical service and control of the dollar, a system begging for a shakeup. ObamaCare has provided just that shock, and placed the future of U.S. healthcare very much up for grabs. The megaflop of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) rollout has overshadowed the fact that years of pre-launch anticipation of the program's impact has caused adaptations in the healthcare marketplace that foster long overdue and previously little-explored free-market solutions. There are four principal actors in the U.S. healthcare drama: patients, employers, providers, and insurers. While proponents of the ACA seek to distort the role of each actor to favor a government dictated system, the all-too-familiar law of unintended consequences has been busily fortifying the alternative of free-market...(Read Full Article)