Forcing Mom into Medicaid was Part of the Plan

Nicole Hopkins' heartfelt account in the Wall Street Journal, "Obamacare Forced Mom Into Medicaid," describes the author's mother's experience with the Washington State Health Care Authority. The subheading sums it up: "My mother preferred to pay for her care rather than be on the government dole. Now she has no choice." Ms. Hopkins writes that her mother Charlene grew up on a dairy farm, and was raised to believe that "taking government handouts is shameful": For the truly poor, being institutionally forced to take welfare is demoralizing. The Affordable Care Act is at risk of systematizing learned helplessness by telling individuals like my mother that they cannot afford to care for themselves in the way they could before the law was enacted. "This makes me feel poorer than ever," she said. It's striking how foreign this thinking is to statists like President Obama and his cohort. Charlene Hopkins was not an unfortunate casualty of ObamaCare; her experience is an essential part...(Read Full Article)