Fire the CEOs

With the "fumbled" rollout of Obamacare giving us all a 24/7 inundation of administration statements such as: "This is the law of the land, it was voted on by Congress, upheld by the Supreme Court and will be enforced by a rabid pack of gun-toting IRS agents." Alright, I confess, I made up that last bit about the gun-toting IRS agents. Neither Obama nor his talking sock puppets ever said that -- at least out loud. Within a month of these spirited defenses of an indefensible law, the White House did what became an impression of the "Saturday Night Live" character, the Church Lady. The President stood in front of the assembled White House Press Corps and basically said "Never mind!" This managerial disaster is only eclipsed by the sheer scale of stupidity exhibited by the CEOs and senior executives of the health insurance industry. I understand that the health insurer's thought "Wow! ObamaCare is going to be great for business. Lots of new customers are going to be forced into our...(Read Full Article)